Have you been charged with a criminal offence?

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, you need to contact a lawyer immediately.

Being charged with a criminal offence can be an incredibly stressful process. Often, as a result of simply being charged, you will have restrictions on your liberty, not be permitted to contact certain people, and be subject to release conditions such as a curfew. If found guilty of a criminal offence, you face having a criminal record, which may impact your employment or ability to travel. Depending on the severity of the offence, you may be facing incarceration.

Our experienced criminal lawyers are here to assist you throughout the entirety of the criminal process.

If a plea of “not guilty” is entered, a trial is required, and the Crown is obligated to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the lawyer’s job at trial to cross-examine witnesses and to argue the case on its legal merits. It is the lawyer’s obligation to be vigilant in your defence, an obligation which we take very seriously.

In some cases, police may have acted in contravention of your constitutional rights, including not allowing you to contact a lawyer in a timely manner, or by illegally searching yourself or your property. Police acting unconstitutionally can have a serious impact on how a trial proceeds, including having the charges against you being dismissed.

Sometimes, however, the circumstances of a particular case may require that a plea of “guilty” be entered. To avoid severe sentences, including incarceration, our lawyers can argue for the most fit and just sentence available.

Our criminal lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of matters, including but not limited simple assault, drunk driving, mischief, break-and-enters, sexual assault, drug possession and trafficking, and various other offences.

If you have been charged, contact our office to set up a free consultation.