At MacDermid Lamarsh we pride ourselves on providing only the best service to our clients. Our civil litigation team includes a group of lawyers with extensive experience in the field.

When your rights or interests have been injured by another person, company, or public authority, you may start a law suit in Court for monetary compensation. The process by which you access to enforce your rights is called “civil litigation”.

At MacDermid Lamarsh, we have an experienced team of litigation lawyers that can work for you to analyze your case, outline your legal options, construct a plan, and then move forward on your instructions with skill and energy to obtain the solution you need.

We are also skilled in negotiation and will work hard to settle your case if possible. If that is not possible, we know how to move your matter effectively through the courts.

We represent individuals, partnerships, corporations, and businesses – large and small – with all types of civil disputes. We have experience in all levels of Saskatchewan and federal Courts and administrative tribunals, as well as all types of alternative dispute resolution.

The following is a list of the categories of civil disputes and issues in which we have experience and with which we’d be happy to help you:

  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Estate Litigation / Will Disputes
  • Distribution of assets
  • Passing of accounts
  • Capacity Litigation and Disputes
  • Capacity assessments and powers of attorney
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation (Civil and Family Law mediation)
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative Family Law
  • Informal negotiation
  • Contract Disputes / Breach of contract
  • Purchase and sale of goods: disputes over whether an item lives up to the seller’s promises or the buyer’s expectations
  • Disputes over distributorship agreements, franchise agreements, purchase and sale of businesses
  • Service contracts
  • Real estate disputes
  • Deficiencies in new and used homes, including disputes over Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS)
  • Warranty claims
  • Homeowners, buyers, and sellers
  • Business owners and tenants
  • Builders, roofers, and renovation contractors
  • Construction liens on residential and business property
  • Landlord and Tenant (residential and commercial)
  • We help residential landlords and tenants know and enforce their rights regarding leased houses, townhouses, apartments, condominiums, rooming houses and any other type of rental accommodation
  • We also assist commercial landlords and tenants with leased stores, restaurants, office space, warehouses, and any kind of business premises
  • Leases and subleases/assignments
  • Rent arrears, maintenance disputes, damage claims, behaviour problems, roommate / co-tenant issues
  • Pursuing and defending eviction proceedings
  • Collections
  • Obtaining Court Judgment to force payment on unpaid accounts, loans (personal and business), and contracts
  • Enforcing security arrangements and agreements
  • Defending parties against unwanted or unjustified collection efforts
  • Personal injury
  • Injuries from motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, caused by someone else’s negligence or fault
  • Insurance, statutory accident benefits, Worker Compensation Board (WCB), disability (CPP, private insurance)
  • Insurance disputes
  • Breach of insurance contract (property, life, business, automobile)
  • Denial of claims, denial of benefits
  • Claim disputes
  • Administrative boards and tribunals

There are a variety of notice and limitation deadlines that can affect your rights, so do not delay in seeking legal advice. Contact one of our legal professionals to discuss your problem in detail.

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