Residential School Claims

MacDermid Lamarsh has a legal department that specializes in helping survivors settle their residential school claims. To date our clients have received over $23 million in settlements. If you want to talk to one of us about your residential school claim, give us a call:

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Residential School Claims:
If you went to a residential school and suffered serious abuse, you may have the right to apply for an IAP (Independent Assessment Process) hearing and receive a settlement. Not everyone who went to a residential school and suffered abuse qualifies for a hearing in the IAP process. The abuse has to be very serious. To know for sure if you qualify, you should talk to one of our lawyers who specialize in residential school claims.

The following is some information about the types of abuse that are covered by the IAP hearing process:

  • Physical Abuse: The physical abuse has to be very serious. The following are examples of serious physical abuse that qualifies you for a hearing:
  • the abuse caused a serious injury that led to you going to the hospital or seeing a doctor;
  • the abuse caused you to lose consciousness;
  • the abuse broke a bone; or
  • the abuse caused you to end up in bed or in the infirmary for more than a couple days.
  • Sexual Abuse: If you were sexually abused while at residential school, you most likely are entitled to apply for a hearing.


The deadline for submission of an application to the IAP was September 19, 2012.

Crisis Support/Counselling
We know that talking about or even thinking about residential school can be very upsetting for Survivors. We want you and your family to be safe. There is a 24 hour toll free crisis line you can phone to get help. Don’t hesitate to call: 1-866-925-4419.

You can phone us Toll Free: 1-877-652-9422 to discuss your personal situation.

Penny Lynn Tallis, and Nolan Courteau have assisted hundreds of claimants in getting compensation for residential school abuse. They are all skilled and knowledgeable with the new Independent Assessment Process (IAP). Clients are invited to call for a free consultation to see if you have a claim under this process. Residential school abuse claims can be an emotional time for clients as they re-live past experiences. Our lawyers will help you through this process as quickly and as sensitively as possible. Call today to inquire whether you have a claim.

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