Corporate Law

Corporate and Commercial practise is a large part of the work done by MacDermid Lamarsh. Whether it is simple incorporations or complex corporate reorganizations, the lawyers at MacDermid Lamarsh are capable of handling all the needs of their clients in this area. Amalgamations, windups, sales and purchases of companies’ partnerships and businesses are within the expertise of these lawyers. Bank financing, mortgage placement and leasing are also handled with aplomb by our personnel. Transactions ranging from a few thousand dollars into the millions are handled quickly and efficiently with the best interests of the client always foremost in the minds of the individuals handling the file, often in tandem, to provide continuity and greater experience. Our people are also familiar with securities issues and can assist in ensuring compliance yet keeping costs in perspective. The firm has several hundred corporations of varying size and complexity, including most areas of business activity, within its client base, well within the capabilities of the lawyers involved.

Those professionals providing quality legal assistance and advice include Donovan Balas and Randy Klein. They are sympathetic, approachable and eminently competent to handle any corporate or commercial problem facing a client.

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