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MacDermid Lamarsh can help you with all of your real estate legal needs. This applies whether you are purchasing, selling or mortgaging residential or commercial real estate.

Real estate law typically involves the purchase, sale, re-finance or leasing of residential or commercial property.

At MacDermid Lamarsh, we have a strong team of lawyers and legal assistants with extensive experience ready to assist you with all your real estate needs, whether it be a residential or a commercial transaction.

We are qualified professionals who take pride in supporting you, whatever your real estate transaction may be. At MacDermid Lamarsh, you will meet with a lawyer to review, discuss and complete the transaction. At all times, access to the real estate team is only a phone call away.

Price is important, but so is service and quality. As professionals, we put in the time to ensure your deal closes well, with no surprises.

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